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Anything but the epitome of "cool".... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jayme Fraioli

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jumping on the bandwagon [Mar. 5th, 2007|09:08 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
March is Ask Me Anything month. Ask me a question, I will endeavor to answer it here, publically. I will screen responses, so no one has to know that you asked it.
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ugh [Feb. 3rd, 2007|08:47 am]
Jayme Fraioli
[music |Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness]

This has been one hell of a tech week. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday went pretty smoothly. Sunday night, we finished strike and got about 90% of the hang done. Monday, we finished the hang and started focus. It's always good to be ahead of the game, right? And Tuesday we finished focus and John started to cue the show. YAY! It looks like team electric is in good shape. And Wednesday wasn't too bad either. We had a few work and focus notes, plus we added a few lights. No big deal. It didn't take much work and effort. The real fun started on Thursday. First, our strobe dies. No explanation, no reasoning. The fuse didn't blow, the circuit board didn't blow. It wasn't the lamp. It just died. Okay, so big freak out. So we head out to Immedia and pick up a new strobe. It too dies. the fuse blew. So did fuse # 2. And #3. Ed took it home to look at it. He put in a fuse, plugged it in, and the circuit board blew up, literally. So I took it back to Immedia and headed on over to Guitar Center to pick up a strobe. I get it back to the theatre. All is working in it. Then it stops. The lamp blew. Brand new strobe, the lamp is gone. So I take it back. Get a new one. YAY! It works. Four strobes in 2 days. What the fuck?
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owwww [Jan. 30th, 2007|11:52 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
I just fell on concrete. i have two bleeding cuts on my face and i scratched the shit out of my glasses. go me.
how did i do this you ask? running (well walking quickly) away from a skunk out in the dead of winter and then i slipped on snow and "BAM!" down i went.
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CASINO NIGHT!!!!! [Jan. 23rd, 2007|12:04 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
So, I'm doing a little promoting for the Casino Night fundraiser at foothills. Y'all should come
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off to italy [Jan. 9th, 2007|12:36 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
so, i'm off to italy shortly. the little bro should be picking us up soon. YAY VACATION!
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bored [Nov. 29th, 2006|07:02 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
year in reviewCollapse )
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i hate ear drops [Nov. 1st, 2006|04:21 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
okay my middle ear infection is pretty much gone. but i now have swimmer's ear. i hate ear drops
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(no subject) [Oct. 28th, 2006|01:46 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
[music |Guess Who's Coming Out to Dinner]

i'm going to see wicked!!!!!
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yo, yo my homegirl is tryin' to holla at you... [Oct. 13th, 2006|03:31 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
So, today, after I get my paycheck from the theatre, I ran across worcester common to go cash it before it could bounce. It didn't bounce, yay! Anyway, on my way back, I spotted a little cemetery in the center of the common, and went to go look at it. While I was plodding my across the common (and yes I was plodding, my new boots are slightly heavy), I hear some girl talking about how "fine that ass is". And I keep on plodding. Then, I hear another girl yell, "Yo, yo, my home girl is tryin' to holla at you!" a couple of times. Curious, I look around and notice that I am the only one around and, they are staring directly at me. I gave them a funny look and kept on plodding, and they kept yelling. It made me not want to go look at the cemetery, so I didn't.
I'm not quite sure if they thought I was a guy or girl. I'm wearing my camo pants with a black t-shirt and black full zip fleece hoodie. I was slouched over with my hands in my pockets. I really wanted to turn and say to them, "do you realize I'm a chick?", but I didn't. And, I'm also wondering why they thought that pick up line would work on me. I'm a little punk dyke, with a bright purple mohawk....
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Rocky Horror is open [Sep. 29th, 2006|12:13 am]
Jayme Fraioli
rocky horror is officially open. it went well today. we had an audience, which is always good. they participated in most of the audience participation stuff, like throwing confetti and toilet paper. they didn't really participate in the call backs though.
i don't have to go in until noon because we don't have really any notes besides tie up cable. woohoo.
so yeah, now you all have to come see the show. it is fucking phenomenal. the cast is awesome. you can't bring in your own props, but you can buy some from concessions ($5.00 for all the props you'll need). The only reason you cannot bring in your own props is because of actor safety, lack of a night time cleaning staff to clean up props such as toast (we already have a critter/rodent problem. i don't need to come in to work and find an electrocuted mouse on stage), and possibly equity rules.

Anyway, the shows are as follows: Thursday through Saturday at 8:00 pm, Saturdays at 3:00 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm. Two late night performances at 11:00 pm on Friday October 13th and 20th.
Again, Rocky Horror is at Foothills Theatre in Worcester, MA. www.foothillstheatre.com
508-754-4018 is the box office.
Now, there are no excuses for not coming (other than you live in Ohio or another state that is 2 or more states away). Not having money is not an excuse because if there is no audience, I stand the risk of not getting paid, (which actually may be happening this week. i will not be a happy Jayme if it does). So being poor is not an excuse because at least your place of employment is not bouncing pay checks.
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