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why does all my shit have to break? - Anything but the epitome of "cool".... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jayme Fraioli

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why does all my shit have to break? [Apr. 21st, 2007|11:54 am]
Jayme Fraioli
Last night, my lens popped out of my glasses during the show, again (it happened during scarlet letter. i think i'm going to blame walter). anyway, i couldn't see shit. good thing there's not a lot to do in the show. steve was kind enough to let megan go to my car and grab my contacts, and megan was kind enough to do so. yay, i could see. my eyes were as irritated as all hell, but i could see.

then, this morning, the optical drive on my computer dies. no reason. it just died. i went to go burn a cd and it said i had no burner. then it wouldn't even recognize the blank cd. trying to get a cd out of a drive that doesn't realize it's there, sucks. but, eventually i managed to get it out. and, since my applecare expired about a week ago, it's not under warranty anymore. And I don't have $300 to pay apple to replace said drive. So, I went to best buy an bought and external dvd and cd burner drive for $80. It was on sale. now I can burn dvds. awesome. it's just, i have an external drive on my computer, that needs to be powered up and connects via a usb. so there's more cable. but, i saved over $200 that way.