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Jayme Fraioli

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bah [May. 24th, 2007|10:48 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
So we (being the foothills tech staff) got word that Jon Peterson (played frank in rocky and george m in george m cohan tonight! at foothills) was going to be doing george m. for one night in north brookfield at some point on memorial day weekend. we heard the 28th. we got excited because it's jonny! but it's saturday, and we're working, so we can't go. :-( we wanted to see jonny and none of us will be able to go this summer when he's at stoneham doing george m. (he's currently touring with it) because we'll be working in various parts of the country. bah. anyway, if you are in the MA area and want to see a truly talented actor, go see George M. Cohan, Tonight! at North Brookfield Elementary on saturday ($15, tickets available at the library) or at Stoneham Theatre June 14th through July 1st.

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