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Jayme Fraioli

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(no subject) [Feb. 18th, 2011|04:02 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
I got my visa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I'm off to the UK where I can live and work and be with my girl and have a normal life. Who's coming to visit?
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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2009|01:02 am]
Jayme Fraioli
I'm getting my scuba certification (well open dive certification really). I go on my first dive on Tuesday! Woot :-D
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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2009|04:12 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
so the ship caught fire last night.... but it's okay, they put it out. the ecstasy still stands! but i did not like being woken up at 2:30 am by an obnoxious fire alarm.
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does anyone else think this is ridiculous? [Sep. 19th, 2007|02:59 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
Cities crack down on sagging pants.

TRENTON, N.J. - It's a fashion that started in prison, and now the saggy pants craze has come full circle — low-slung street strutting in some cities may soon mean run-ins with the law, including a stint in jail.

Proposals to ban saggy pants are starting to ride up in several places. At the extreme end, wearing pants low enough to show boxers or bare buttocks in one small Louisiana town means six months in jail and a $500 fine. A crackdown also is being pushed in Atlanta. And in Trenton, getting caught with your pants down may soon result in not only a fine, but a city worker assessing where your life is headed.

"Are they employed? Do they have a high school diploma? It's a wonderful way to redirect at that point," said Trenton Councilwoman Annette Lartigue, who is drafting a law to outlaw saggy pants. "The message is clear: We don't want to see your backside."

The bare-your-britches fashion is believed to have started in prisons, where inmates aren't given belts with their baggy uniform pants to prevent hangings and beatings. By the late ’80s, the trend had made it to gangster rap videos, then went on to skateboarders in the suburbs and high school hallways.

"For young people, it's a form of rebellion and identity," Adrian "Easy A.D." Harris, 43, a founding member of the Bronx's legendary rap group Cold Crush Brothers. "The young people think it's fashionable. They don't think it's negative."

But for those who want to stop them see it as an indecent, sloppy trend that is a bad influence on children.

"It has the potential to catch on with elementary school kids, and we want to stop it before it gets there," said C.T. Martin, an Atlanta councilman. "Teachers have raised questions about what a distraction it is."

In Atlanta, a law has been introduced to ban sagging and punishment could include small fines or community work — but no jail time, Martin said.

The penalty is stiffer in Delcambre, La., where in June the town council passed an ordinance that carries a fine of up to $500 or six months in jail for exposing underwear in public. Several other municipalities and parish governments in Louisiana have enacted similar laws in recent months.

At Trenton hip-hop clothing store Razor Sharp Clothing Shop 4 Ballers, shopper Mark Wise, 30, said his jeans sag for practical reasons.

"The reason I don't wear tight pants is because it's easier to get money out of my pocket this way," Wise said. "It's just more comfortable."

Shop owner Mack Murray said Trenton's proposed ordinance unfairly targets blacks.

"Are they going to go after construction workers and plumbers, because their pants sag, too?" Murray asked. "They're stereotyping us."

The American Civil Liberties Union agrees.

"In Atlanta, we see this as racial profiling," said Benetta Standly, statewide organizer for the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia. "It's going to target African-American male youths. There's a fear with people associating the way you dress with crimes being committed."
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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2007|12:26 am]
Jayme Fraioli
I hate how if you walk through where someone was smoking, you then smell like smoke
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bah [May. 24th, 2007|10:48 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
So we (being the foothills tech staff) got word that Jon Peterson (played frank in rocky and george m in george m cohan tonight! at foothills) was going to be doing george m. for one night in north brookfield at some point on memorial day weekend. we heard the 28th. we got excited because it's jonny! but it's saturday, and we're working, so we can't go. :-( we wanted to see jonny and none of us will be able to go this summer when he's at stoneham doing george m. (he's currently touring with it) because we'll be working in various parts of the country. bah. anyway, if you are in the MA area and want to see a truly talented actor, go see George M. Cohan, Tonight! at North Brookfield Elementary on saturday ($15, tickets available at the library) or at Stoneham Theatre June 14th through July 1st.
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why does all my shit have to break? [Apr. 21st, 2007|11:54 am]
Jayme Fraioli
Last night, my lens popped out of my glasses during the show, again (it happened during scarlet letter. i think i'm going to blame walter). anyway, i couldn't see shit. good thing there's not a lot to do in the show. steve was kind enough to let megan go to my car and grab my contacts, and megan was kind enough to do so. yay, i could see. my eyes were as irritated as all hell, but i could see.

then, this morning, the optical drive on my computer dies. no reason. it just died. i went to go burn a cd and it said i had no burner. then it wouldn't even recognize the blank cd. trying to get a cd out of a drive that doesn't realize it's there, sucks. but, eventually i managed to get it out. and, since my applecare expired about a week ago, it's not under warranty anymore. And I don't have $300 to pay apple to replace said drive. So, I went to best buy an bought and external dvd and cd burner drive for $80. It was on sale. now I can burn dvds. awesome. it's just, i have an external drive on my computer, that needs to be powered up and connects via a usb. so there's more cable. but, i saved over $200 that way.
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new tattoo [Apr. 18th, 2007|10:30 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
peekturesCollapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2007|10:17 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
so the next buffy sing-a-long in boston is on april 14th. probably at midnight. i hope it's at midnight. who wants to go with me?
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(no subject) [Mar. 6th, 2007|12:01 pm]
Jayme Fraioli
i was bored so I made a test

Create your own Friend Quiz here
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